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A researcher from the Universidad de Cuyo, Argentina does a research internship with PREIT-tour.

A few days ago, Paolo Pucillo arrived in Ecuador from the Universidad de Cuyo, Argentina, and is doing a research internship with the PREIT-tour team.

Paolo Pucillo has a background as a historian and specializations in planning and management of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage. He is also dedicated to issues of wine tourism, counter-narratives of cultural heritage, and heritage processes linked to tourism, among others. Currently, he has developed teaching activities in the tourism career at the University of Cuenca. She also actively designs upcoming project possibilities between the University of Cuenca and the University of Cuyo.

In addition, he will visit some PREIT-tour study areas in the Biosphere Reserve of Macizo del Cajas in the coming days. Finally, he will disseminate the possibilities of participating in an international tourism congress of the Universidad de Cuyo and the possibility of writing for a scientific journal they manage in the tourism field.

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