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Activities to consolidate the Naranjal Tourism Cluster

On Friday, October 9, 2020, the members of the project met with public, community and private actors of Naranjal with the aim of accompanying the process of forming the tourist cluster Naranjal.

The meeting was attended by Johana Llanes, a professional in tourism operations who advised on the creation of tourism packages. In addition, the community of Nuevo Porvenir, who are crab and shell collectors, joined the cluster.

During the meeting, the role that GAD Naranjal should play in order to support the tourism management process was established. It was also proposed that the accompaniment of the Provincial Government of Guayas was very important in the process, so, actions will be coordinated with them.

Also, the attractions of the area and the needs of the territory were defined. They concluded that the actors of the territory should know the attractions that are in their area. Finally, a draft tourist package was outlined and activities were defined that will be coordinated by GAD Naranjal in the following months in order to consolidate the initiative of the tourism actors in this area.

Photographic credits: Byron Alvarado

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