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APAY, Barabón part of the offer of Ruta G

A few days ago the students of the second pilot course of research-based learning, visited the sector of Barabón in the parish of San Joaquín with the aim of learning about the link between agro-ecology and gastronomic tourism, especially because this was one of the initiatives of Route G (Gastronomic Route).

The students were accompanied by the PREIT-tour team and a member of the APAY organization, Gerardo Alvarracín, who is a former student of the Tourism career at the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences. The tour began in the parish center of San Joaquin, where Gerardo was able to explain some generalities of tourism and the parish. Later, they visited the sector of Barabón and Sustag, where they could taste a fantastic trout accompanied by the agricultural products of the zone.

Then, they took a tour of the agricultural spaces of the members of APAY, Gerardo explained to the students about the importance of agriculture, especially organic and with a fair price. In addition, he explained about some ancestral techniques that are still being carried out in the area. He also showed his concern about the generational change that agriculture needs. The students saw the production of vegetables, tubers, fruits, among others.

Finally, they visited a pilot greenhouse, where they are growing gourmet products that they regularly distribute to some fine cuisine restaurants in the city of Cuenca.

The students asked questions about APAY's link with Route G, as well as about the rural and gastronomic tourism promoted in the area. Unfortunately, the pandemic outbreak has affected the city's gastronomic supply; however, it is expected that the Ruta G initiative will resume its activities with more strength.

Audiovisual credits: Freddy Espinoza

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