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Ciudad Patrimonio Mundial (CPM) and PREIT-tour develop joint project on cultural heritage, leisure and tourism

The Universidad de Cuenca has unveiled the standout projects in the twentieth edition of its University Research Projects Contest. Among the awardees, the project "Cultural Heritage, Leisure, and Tourism: Analysis of Agreements and Disputes Over the Use and Enjoyment of Public Space in the Historic Center of Cuenca, Ecuador" shines brightly, a joint initiative between the PREIT-tour research group from the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences and the Ciudad Patrimonio Mundial (CPM) research group from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism.

The project offers a critical and constructive examination of the cultural, recreational, and tourism dynamics in the Historic Center of Cuenca, an emblematic site that is not only a local meeting hub but also an attraction of international significance. The research focuses on identifying points of consensus and contention in the management and utilization of public spaces, aiming to promote sustainable and responsible use that benefits both local residents and visitors.

This recognition underscores the importance of addressing contemporary urban challenges and the need to develop proposals that balance heritage preservation with the demands of tourism and leisure.

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