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Conference on data governance for tourism sustainability at Tourism Talks

At the Turismo Talks event, hosted by the Municipal Tourism Foundation for Cuenca, Freddy Espinoza, a professor from the University of Cuenca and a researcher from the PREIT-tour group, gave a talk titled "Data governance for tourism sustainability."

During his talk, Espinoza emphasized the significance of statistical figures in the tourism industry. In a world where data is the new gold, he highlighted the importance of properly governing this information. Proper data governance is key to making informed decisions that pave the way for more sustainable and beneficial tourism for everyone.

But he didn't just stick to theory. The researcher introduced an approach involving pilot tests and iterations in data collection. This proposal aims to improve the accuracy and relevance of the gathered figures, allowing for quick adaptations to the ever-changing dynamics of the tourism sector.

Credits: FMTPC, 2023

A key point Espinoza made was the need to ensure full confidentiality when it comes to research subjects. In this digital age, ensuring data privacy and protection is essential, especially in a vibrant sector like tourism with so many stakeholders. Moreover, he spotlighted the role of technology in data collection.

The message from the talk was clear: the future of tourism hinges on how we handle, interpret, and safeguard data. We can chart a path towards sustainable and beneficial tourism for all with proper governance.

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