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Exchange of experiences between communities and academics

During the visit of the Belgian delegation to Ecuador within the framework of the I Meeting on Tourism as a means of sustainable development, several visits were made to the study pilots.

On Sunday, May 5, we visited El Cajas National Park and the community of Migüir. Then, we had lunch in the community of Sayausí. The team concentrated on outlining a new research project proposal in the afternoon. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, together with some delegates from rural communities and the national and international PREIT-tour team, we visited the parish of Baños.

After the educational event, we moved with the authorities of the University of Cuenca, the international legation, and the research team to the canton Naranjal. We visited the community on 23 de Noviembre. There, we toured the crops of national cocoa and cacao ramilla. Then we enjoyed lunch at the Mirador del Tigre.

We took a night walk from the Luz y Guía Community to the Zhagal hot springs for four kilometers.

The next day we visited the mangroves of the Recinto 6 de Julio, which showed us everything related to the capture of the crab and, at the same time, its conservation. The team then focused on outlining a new proposal, and finally, they shared a more informal meeting. The next day, we went to the Guayaquil Airport for the colleagues to embark on their return trip.

Photo credit: PREIT-tour

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