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Field trip: Sayausí and Migüir

A few days ago, some students from the second research-based learning pilot course visited the projects: Sayausí Rural Tourism and the Community of Migüir.

During the visit, they were able to make a reconnaissance and observation trip accompanied by members of the PREIT-tour team and students from the first pilot course, who are doing their degree thesis design.

Upon arrival in Sayausí they were able to participate in an Andean ceremony associated with the chakana. Also, they were able to visit one of the gardens that are offered to tourists. In addition, they participated in the entrepreneurship fair and a guided tour through the center of the parish of Sayausí.

Afterwards, they moved to the Migüir Community in the parish of Molleturo. The members of the Tourism Association received the students with a traditional lunch that had trout as its main element. Afterwards, they took a tour of part of the community's tourist offer where they observed trout farms, restaurants and even lodging. Finally, they visited Guabysay's Tarabita and its facilities related to the observation of the natural and cultural resources of the area.

Throughout the tour, the students were able to ask questions with the objective of raising their research in the field of tourism planning in the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences of the University of Cuenca.

Audiovisual credits: Freddy Espinoza

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