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First meeting between the public sector and academia on cultural heritage, leisure and tourism project

In a landmark event today, the inaugural meeting of the ambitious "Cultural Heritage, Leisure, and Tourism: Analysis of Consensus and Disputes Over the Use and Enjoyment of Public Space in Cuenca's Historic Center" project was held. This initiative brings together the PREIT-tour research group and the CPM from the University of Cuenca with the Directorate of Historical and Heritage Areas of GAD Cuenca. It signifies a milestone in interinstitutional cooperation between academia and the public sector.

The meeting delved into critical topics regarding the need to balance the conservation of cultural heritage, access to public spaces, and the use of tourism as a driver for sustainable development. This project emerges as a unique opportunity to create innovative public policies. These policies aim not only to protect the historical legacy of Cuenca but also to promote responsible and enriching tourism.

In line with these goals, next week will see a tour of various plazas in the Historic Center, to be studied by an interdisciplinary team of researchers and professionals in architecture and tourism. This step is vital for a better understanding of the dynamics of public spaces and their interaction with tourist activities, ensuring that future development respects and enhances the city's cultural richness.

This project holds promise not just for the city of Cuenca but is also expected to serve as a model for other cities looking to preserve their heritage while fostering sustainable and accessible tourism for all. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project, which has the potential to transform Cuenca's Historic Center into a global benchmark for heritage conservation and sustainable tourism.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour

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