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Flash talk on leisure and tourism practices in contexts of extreme poverty

Within the framework of the II Biennial of Connection at the University of Cuenca, researcher Freddy Espinoza, a member of the PREIT-tour group, delivered his flash talk titled "Challenging Paradigms: The Fusion of Tourism and Leisure Practices in a Context of Extreme Poverty."

Espinoza addressed a highly relevant and current topic, where the core of his study focused on determining leisure practices through tourism in households under extreme poverty conditions in the parish of San Sebastián, Cuenca.

The researcher emphasized the importance of understanding and merging tourism and leisure in vulnerable contexts, providing valuable insights on how these practices can be a crucial tool to enhance the quality of life of the affected communities.

Espinoza's talk not only sparked deep reflection among the attendees but also highlighted the need to approach and understand tourism from a more inclusive and empathetic perspective.

Ph. Vinculación con la comunidad, U Cuenca.

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