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Free legal advice for the communities of Sayausí and Migüir

Preit-tour, has managed to arrange free legal advice from the University of Cuenca to legalise the tourism associations of Sayausí and Migüir.

On Tuesday night, October 13, the Gerardo Cordero y León legal office of the University of Cuenca had a meeting with the communities of Sayausí and Migüir to inform them about the process of legalization of tourism associations. Also, members of the Preit-tour team participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, the processes carried out to collect information from the partners of each association were presented. In addition, the regulations governing civil associations according to the Ecuadorian Government were explained.

Also, a draft of the statutes and the management process to be carried out before the relevant authorities was presented. Finally, a meeting was planned to inform all the partners in the participating communities about the process.

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