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GuíaTours S.A. promotes tourism in the canton of Naranjal

Since August 2020 the PREIT-tour team has cooperated with different travel agencies belonging to the Market Access Programme developed by the Municipal Tourism Foundation for Cuenca.

The travel agency GuíaTours S.A. has been actively involved in the development of new proposals in the pilots that PREIT-tour maintains in Naranjal. Even, Johana Llanes a travel agent of this agency has advised the academic team of PREIT-tour, as well as the GAD Naranjal and its communities in the implementation of a tourism cluster.

Currently, GuiaTours S.A. has presented a new tourism package involving local private and community actors in the canton of Naranjal. This cooperation exercise has shown that it is possible to develop partnerships between various tourism stakeholders. Therefore, this idea of cooperation promotes partnership between different local actors.

We congratulate this initiative and wish this travel agency every success. Furthermore, we acknowledge the professionalism of these travel agencies and the Market Access Programme initiative. We emphasise our academic commitment to these companies committed to sustainable development through tourism and, of course, to the tourism stakeholders of Naranjal.

Audiovisual credits: GuíaTours S.A.

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