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Interdisciplinary learning between PREIT-tour and Ciudad Patrimonio Mundial (CPM)

In a recent meeting, the Ciudad Patrimonio Mundial (CPM) research group presented their current projects and future initiatives. The meeting was attended by professionals from architecture, clinical psychology, sociology, tourism, gastronomy, systems, and more. Among them was RECETAS for Loneliness, an initiative funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe, which seeks to address the issue of loneliness among the elderly through innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.

PREIT-tour had the opportunity to share its Heritage, Leisure, and Tourism project, a joint collaboration with CPM that explores the intersection of these three elements in three public spaces in the Historic Center of Cuenca (San Sebastián, Parque Calderón, El Vado).

During the meeting, CPM researchers also presented future initiatives focused on gender equity and architecture, demonstrating a continuous commitment to socially and culturally relevant issues.

Architect Fausto Cardoso, founder of CPM, shared details of his upcoming work, which compiles significant moments from his professional and academic career. Cardoso emphasized the importance of drawings in his life, describing them as a vital tool for his creative and expressive process.

The meeting was attended by K. Van Valen, emeritus professor at KU Leuven, who, along with Fausto Cardoso, has been a key figure in the success of the CPM research group. Van Valen provided valuable recommendations and feedback on the ongoing projects, highlighting the importance of collaboration and idea exchange for advancing research.

The meeting concluded with a sense of optimism and collaboration, with all participants committed to continuing to work together to achieve common goals.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour, 2024

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