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IV Migüir-Molleturo Trout Festival highlights gastronomy and tourism in the region

On September 23rd and 24th, the PREIT-Tour research team participated in the IV Trout Festival, organized by the Migüir community, located in Molleturo. This event has become an annual tradition that showcases the gastronomic and tourism richness of the region.

Hundreds of attendees gathered at this festival to enjoy gastronomic and leisure activities focused on trout and to understand the importance of its production for the Migüir community. The main event of the festival involved the preparation of the largest trout ceviche in Ecuador, which captured the attention of all present. On this occasion, students from the South American Institute of Technology were responsible for creating the ceviche. Visitors also had the opportunity to explore a variety of gastronomic options, including trout chicharrón, trout burgers, and other traditional dishes that are part of the local culinary offering.

Marisol Peñalosa, acting mayor, emphasized the significance of this festival, which aims to solidify Molleturo as the "parish of water." This event not only promotes the local culture but also contributes to the economic development of the region. The goal of the IV Migüir-Molleturo Trout Festival was to position this sector as a tourist and gastronomic destination. The Migüir community is known for the warmth of its residents, its culinary offerings, and its privileged natural surroundings, which attract food and adventure enthusiasts.

This festival, which originated in 2017 through the initiative of the Migüir Tourism Entrepreneurs Association, has evolved over time, establishing itself as a culinary expression offering various trout-based specialties and a variety of activities with tourist and cultural appeal. The activities included sports fishing, the tasting of traditional dishes, ecuavolley games, and artistic performances, all of which played a pivotal role in the success of this festival.

The IV Migüir-Molleturo Trout Festival provided an opportunity to celebrate the local culture, promote tourism, and showcase the culinary richness of the region. With the success of this edition, it is expected that this tradition will continue to grow, attracting more visitors in the coming years and solidifying Migüir and Molleturo as a must-visit tourist destination in Ecuador.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour

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