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My first job in tourism research

Fourteen students from the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences at the University of Cuenca have been hired to collect statistical data from the residents of the eight pilots of the Fostering a platform for research-based education to support sustainable development through Tourism in the Cajas Massif Biosphere Area (CMBA) project.

These students have been part of the first pilot research-based learning course. In addition, they have voluntarily decided to take this challenge to gain experience in the field of tourism research. They are also doing their graduation work with the PREIT-tour team. Also, during this time they have been trained in quantitative data collection.

Previously, the questionnaire has been constructed and validated by the PREIT-tour team. In addition, last weekend the team of students has validated the surveys in the study communities using the Kobo Toolbox tool. After this experience, the whole team (researchers and students) have developed different strategies to make the data collection efficient.

So, this coming weekend they will start collecting data from three pilots in the Naranjal canton with the supervision and collaboration of the PREIT-tour team. Finally, the University of Cuenca, KU Leuven and the VLIRUOS program strongly believe in the capabilities of the students of the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences. Thus recognizes their effort by paying for their services.

Photo: PREIT-tour

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