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PREIT-tour releases a short film

A few days ago, the PREIT-tour research group released a short film about the project Fostering a platform for research-based education to support sustainable development through Tourism in the Cajas Massif Biosphere Area (CMBA).

It summarizes the team's work at the educational level by linking eight case studies and their actors. In this way, researchers, students, residents, and authorities have been linked to thinking about how tourism can be a means of sustainable development in the Cajas Massif Biosphere Area. Despite the pandemic, the project objectives have been achieved and will soon be completed.

The audiovisual work was done through the cooperation and work of local professionals such as Gabriel Art (video and production), Ayllu Llakta (music), L2 Estudio (voiceovers), and Daniela Tigre (script).

We invite you to watch this short film and subscribe to our website to keep up to date with our research work.

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