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PREIT-tour wins interdisciplinary community engagement project in tourism, gastronomy, and psychology for the well-being of female foreign students at the University of Cuenca living alone

The PREIT-tour research group has been notified as the winner in the XII Community Engagement Project Call of the University of Cuenca. This is an opportunity to apply the results of their research project on mental well-being and nature-based tourism experiences.

The new project, "Strengthening the Well-being of Female Foreign Students at the University of Cuenca Living Alone, Through the Integration of Tourism and Gastronomic Experiences," will be led by Maricruz Iñiguez. It aims to promote the mental and physical well-being of female foreign students at the University of Cuenca through tourism, psychology, and nutrition-focused gastronomy.

This project will be carried out by an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students from gastronomy, tourism, and psychology, in collaboration with the Fundación Familias de Víctimas de Femicidio. The goal is to promote well-being by building support networks in urban exploration settings, connecting mindfulness with tourism, and encouraging healthy eating through mindful eating. This initiative is also crucial for helping students adapt to university life, fostering a healthy and safe environment for them.

Image from Dall-e.

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Philip T. Greene
Philip T. Greene

The PREIT Tour's interdisciplinary approach in tourism, gastronomy, and psychology showcases innovative community engagement, setting a commendable example for collaborative projects that enrich cultural experiences and understanding. Wochenmarkt Luino

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