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Sayausí Rural Tourism carries out actions to empower its members in the process of constitution

On Tuesday 18th May 2021, members of the Sayausí Rural Tourism Association held an assembly to socialise the current situation of the constitution process of their association. The meeting was led by members of the PREIT-Tour Project of the University of Cuenca.

In the first part of the meeting, organisational aspects were discussed and some weaknesses of the members of the association to carry out tourism activities were highlighted. In this aspect, some members expressed their interest in becoming legal but commented that the pandemic had complicated their activities, which is why some actions have been paralysed.

In the second part of the meeting, the partners discussed some weaknesses of the organisation. Although many of them have continued to work on their ventures, they are aware that they still have many aspects to improve in order to consolidate themselves as a rural tourism association. Therefore, they have raised their needs and the improvement processes to be carried out. In this case, the partners ratified their interest in training in aspects of gastronomy, guiding and customer service; and they are willing to manage these processes of continuous training.

In the last point of the meeting, the members of the association committed themselves to join efforts to finalise their legalisation process and agreed to work together to create tourism products that can be marketed in the future. Jonny Peñaloza (President of the Association), ratified the need to work as a team to achieve common objectives that benefit all members. For her part, Adriana Chacho (Secretary of the Association) mentioned the importance of improving communication between partners to ensure that tourism activities are effective and meet the expectations of visitors.

This is one of the first actions carried out by the association before its legal constitution as a tourism association. Freddy Espinoza (Director of PREIT-Tour) motivated the partners of Turismo Rural Sayausí to mitigate their weaknesses and to join all their efforts so that the organisation can consolidate and generate a management model that can be competitive in the current tourism market.

Photo credits: Freddy Espinoza

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