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Signing of an agreement between the University of Cuenca and the GAD of the rural parish of Baños

On September 1, 2020, the parish of Baños in the canton of Cuenca commemorated 168 years of political life. In the framework of this celebration, the University of Cuenca, through Dr. Pablo Vanegas, PhD, signed two inter-institutional agreements.

The first one is a cooperation framework agreement that facilitates the consolidation of a strategic alliance between the University of Cuenca and the Parish GAD of Banos to promote, formulate and develop joint activities and projects in scientific research, institutional capacity building, science, knowledge and technology dissemination, development of cultural activities and linkage with society, training and student and professional mobility.

In addition, a second specific cooperation agreement was signed for the development of the project: Fostering a platform for research-based education to support sustainable development thorugh Tourism in the Cajas Massif Biosphere Area (CMBA).

These agreements show the academic commitment of the University and the interest of the authorities of Baños to work in different areas and to consider tourism as a means of sustainable development.

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