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Students operate an academic trip for their peers

On Saturday, February 27, the ninth cycle students of the tourism career went on an academic outing to the Naranjal canton.

Previously, it is worth mentioning that some students of pilot course 1 were mentors of pilot course 2 to exchange knowledge and encourage academic and student participation.

Then, the students of the pilot course 2 (seventh cycle) developed several tourist packages (full day) as part of the Tourism Operation course. A tribunal chose the best touristic package of a group, who then executed it.

The tour package was aimed at the students of pilot course 1, who did not have the opportunity to visit the area due to the confinement caused by the pandemic outbreak.

Before the trip, the students and academic staff were tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Fortunately, none of the participants tested positive. However, biosecurity protocols were framed to high standards to prevent any contagion. For instance, two vehicles with a capacity of 40 people were used, but only 17 people were embarked on each. Besides, social distancing measures, use of masks (replacement every 4 hours), alcohol disinfection, among others, were complied with. These activities made the students aware of the new way of travelling under biosafety protocols.

The visit began at 05h00 from Cuenca to Naranjal. The first point of the visit was 7 waterfalls, an attraction characterized by exuberant nature. The students learned about the forms of community organization and enjoyed the tourist product offered by the community.

Afterwards, they visited the Hostería Kaluz where they enjoyed a traditional lunch and used the facilities of the lodge for some integration activities framed in academic tasks.

Finally, the students returned to the city of Cuenca performing the activities described above and especially they fulfilled the last academic tour of their training. This experience will probably serve as a pilot for future academic trips that students of the tourism career should carry out.

Audiovisual credit: Freddy Espinoza

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