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Teacher training on the research-based learning approach

This week the professors of the Facultad de Ciencias de la Hospitalidad of the Universidad de Cuenca are receiving training on participatory action research methodologies related to the research-based learning approach.

The course is being taught by Professor Juan Bello Dominguez, PhD., from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and Liliana Arciniegas, Msc., from the Universidad del Azuay. The objective of the course is to train teachers in teaching through research and linkage processes. It is also divided, into epistemology, methodologies, instruments, among others.

Furthermore, the PREIT-tour team is participating as organizers and also as exhibitors of experiences and instruments used with the research-based learning approach. Also, students have shared their experiences and have reflected on the mistakes we have as teachers and how we could improve them. Besides, this course is focused on the professors of the Faculty to participate in the II Concurso de Proyectos de investigación y vinculación of the Universidad de Cuenca.

The training process will end this week with a field trip to one of our pilots. However, it will be followed up until February 2022. We hope that this process will help to improve the teaching, research and outreach processes at our university because if we grow as teachers, our students will grow as well.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour

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