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Teachers get involved in the communities through field trips

Last Saturday 18th of September, teachers from the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences of the University of Cuenca went on a field trip to the rural parish of Sayausí. The purpose of this visit was to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the training on participatory action research methodologies related to the research-based learning approach.

The itinerary began with the intervention of Darlyn Urgilés (student of the project), who gave a general explanation about the current diagnosis of the parish. The first visit was to the Cantana brewery, where participants learned about the process of craft beer brewing in the parish. The second point to visit was an orchid garden, where it was possible to learn about the actions carried out by a family from the parish to promote the conservation of native species of flora in the area. Afterwards, the teachers visited a greenhouse, where the farmers explained the process of growing organic tomatoes and strawberries. At the next stop, participants learned about the harvesting of potatoes and tomatoes, which were used as ingredients for the community lunch.

Lunch was held at the "Huasicuy" restaurant, which is managed by some members of the Rural Tourism Association of the Parish. Finally, a round table discussion was held in which the teachers shared their experiences and opinions about the field visit. In addition, they raised research questions to design future research-linkage projects that will benefit the communities of the Cajas Massif Biosphere.

Photo credits: PREIT-Tour

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