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The production of a short film in communities of the Cajas Massif Biosphere continues

Last Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 July, the PREIT-Tour team travelled to the communities of Naranjal to continue filming the documentary in the framework of the project: Fostering a platform for research-based education to support sustainable development through Tourism in the Cajas Massif Biosphere Area (CMBA). The pilots filmed were: the Shuar Tsuer Entsa Community, the Association of Cangrejeros 6 de Julio and the 7 Cascadas Community (member of the Naranjal Cluster). The objective of this video is to describe the existing problems in the communities of the Cajas Massif and to present the cooperation actions carried out by the actors during the two years of the project.

For this, the filming in the Tsuer Entsa Shuar Community focused on its natural resources and activities related to health tourism. Despite this, the community's inhabitants face the challenge of improving their organisational relationships to generate a management model that promotes sustainability in their territory. For its part, the 6 de Julio Crab Farmers' Association highlights its crab activity as a lever for the creation of various products, such as crab pulp or crab flour. One of the main tasks of the members of the association is to be trained in tourism issues to offer quality services. Finally, the Naranjal Cluster is formed by the integration of the Kaluz Hostel (Private Company), the 6 de Julio Crab Farmers' Association and the Shuar Community. The 7 Cascadas Community joined this cluster, which has an excellent management model, as it combines agro-productive activities with tourism. However, the biggest challenge for this cluster is to generate a model of associativity between territories, to work in an integrated manner to achieve objectives that benefit all actors.

The team will continue with the filming of the last pilots in the coming weeks and the documentary is expected to be completed in September.

Photo credits: Byron Alvarado Vanegas

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