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University of Cuenca initiates actions to strengthen the capacities of local stakeholders in Baños

Last Monday 27th of September, members of the PREIT-Tour held a meeting with the authorities of the GAD Parroquial de Baños to define the work of bonding with the community in the framework of the project "Strengthening of tourism services through training in the area of hospitality sciences for local actors in the parish of Baños-Cuenca".

This initiative seeks to increase the capacities of local actors through training programmes that will be coordinated by the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences. For this reason, different fields of action have been proposed, among them: the rescue of "envueltos" (foods derived from corn) - a food that is in danger of disappearing; learning packaging techniques for the production, sale and distribution of gastronomic products, and standardisation of food production practices.

For the GAD Parroquial de Baños, it has been essential to find standardisation mechanisms so that people dedicated to the sale of gastronomic products can offer good quality food, guaranteeing minimum hygiene conditions, while promoting the rescue of local gastronomy. Therefore, it is hoped that cooperation between academia and the public sector can generate good results that will benefit local people.

Photo credits: PREIT-Tour

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