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Training, Innovation and "WOW" effect: keys to boost tourism in Limón-Indanza

The PREIT-Tour research team provided a training program called "Strengthening Tourism Capacities to Stakeholders" on March 9th and 10th in Limón-Indanza canton, aimed at people directly or indirectly linked to tourism activity in the area. The goal of this training was to provide knowledge and skills to local actors so that they can undertake tourism activities through coordinated work between public, private, and community actors.

The training consisted of two stages. In the first stage, trainers carried out a social mapping exercise to identify the challenges and opportunities facing public and private actors as drivers of tourism activity. This initial approach was useful as it allowed actors to become aware of the importance of association and communication to generate joint work that involves all interested parties. Meanwhile, actors in charge of providing interpretation services conducted a guiding exercise in the center of Limón-Indanza while trainers evaluated their skills and abilities.

In the second stage, public and private actors shared their experiences regarding tourism management and made commitments to promote tourism in the canton. This activity allowed actors to recognize their weaknesses and seek mechanisms to work together, prioritizing a common benefit. Meanwhile, the group of guides received training on interpretation skills, group management, and mindfulness techniques to improve the tourist experience during their visit. Additionally, they were trained in the use of new technologies, such as mobile applications, to complement the visitors' experience.

The training concluded with a round table discussion, in which attendees expressed their experiences and expectations about the training and committed to continuing training processes to improve their skills and promote local tourism. Additionally, a workshop was held about the "WOW" effect, which seeks to generate a strong emotional response in consumers through the creation of products with innovative characteristics that can positively impact potential visitors.

The researchers responsible for the training were Miguel Ángel Galarza, Imelda Avecillas, Karina Farfán, Freddy Espinoza, and Byron Alvarado. We thank the team for their initiatives promoted in the territory and also the local actors who have been willing to work together to promote the tourism development of Limón-Indanza.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour

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