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Universities join forces to improve students' mental well-being through research

Last Wednesday 13th July, members of the PREIT-Tour research group met with the University Welfare Departments of the Universities of Cuenca and Azuay, to join efforts to improve the welfare of students. In this first meeting, researchers from the two universities socialised the preliminary results of the research developed in the framework of the project "Mental well-being based on nature tourism experiences in scholarship students of the University of Cuenca and the University of Azuay".

The project aims to promote leisure and recreation in students with high levels of stress and anxiety, in a situation of the economic vulnerability of the Universities of Cuenca and Azuay, through tourism experiences in contact with nature. Thanks to this initiative, the Psychology and Tourism careers were integrated to demonstrate that outdoor activities in natural spaces can contribute to the reduction of psychological factors such as stress, anxiety and depression. At the same time, these actions allow linking the University Welfare departments to generate strategies that promote a better quality of life for students during their academic training processes.

This type of initiative opens up the possibility of incorporating other areas of knowledge in the search for leisure and recreational alternatives for students; such is the case of computer science schools, which can contribute to the development of Virtual Reality applications in the field of tourism. The actions framed in this project symbolise the hard work of the researchers to generate solutions that benefit the university community. In this way, the team will continue working on their research processes to develop tourist itineraries that contribute to improving the well-being of populations with high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour

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