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Weaving learning: Economuseo Municipal Casa del Sombrero

Weaving learning: Economuseo Municipal Casa del Sombrero

A few days ago, the students of the second pilot course of research-based learning visited the Casa del Sombrero Municipal Economuseo together with the PREIT-tour team and two students who are building their degree thesis proposal.

During the visit, they toured the facilities of the Economuseo and were able to learn more about this initiative that seeks to value the artisans related to toquilla straw weaving in the city of Cuenca.

They were attended by the director of the Economuseo, Gerardo Machado, who kindly told them the proposals, the history, among other aspects of the entity. Also, there was a table of questions between the students and the director of the museum.

The objective of this first field trip was for the students to ask their first research questions about the different problems of the Economuseum in order to put forward research proposals from the theory and the field of study.

Photo credits: Cristina Barzallo

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