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Local communities present their initiatives at the I Biennial of Bonding of the University of Cuenca

Last October 27th, the PREIT-TOUR team participated with its pilots in the I Biennial of Bonding organised by the University of Cuenca. The event was created to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in local communities, through the integration between local actors, academia and society.

During the event, round tables and activities were organised to highlight the importance of food sovereignty for the future of society. The need to rescue traditional products and ancestral knowledge related to gastronomy to promote healthier eating was also debated. The event was attended by more than 50 enterprises from different parts of Ecuador. Specifically, the PREIT-Tour team was able to integrate the communities that are part of the project to participate in a joint exhibition.

The products exhibited were the following:

  1. Asociación de Agroturismo las 7 Cascadas: Products derived from passion fruit and cocoa.

  2. Asociación de Cangrejeros 6 de Julio: Crab pulp and honey.

  3. GAD Parroquial de Baños: Traditional gastronomy (cooked potatoes, corn products, roasted guinea pig).

  4. Sayausí Rural Tourism: Organic agricultural products.

  5. Migüir: Products derived from trout.

  6. Economuseo del Sombrero: Handicrafts made of Paja Toquilla.

  7. Kaluz: Services related to leisure and mental wellbeing.

The fair participants mentioned that these types of activities are valuable as they motivate communities to continue with their local activities. Additionally, it serves to create networks of contacts that allow for future alliances between tourism entrepreneurs, while learning from the experiences of other local communities located in the Cajas Massif Biosphere Area.

Photo credits: PREIT-Tour

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