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PREIT-tour continues collecting data in the canton Naranjal.

Last weekend the PREIT-tour team camped at the Mirador del Tigre to collect quantitative and qualitative data in the community of 23 de Noviembre and Nuevo Porvenir in the canton of Naranjal.

Furthermore, Viona Van Cauter, who is a master student from KU Leuven conducted a participatory workshop with the agrotourism association Las 7 Cascadas about her research on cocoa. She also gave a basic English class to local tourism stakeholders.

Also, Freddy Espinoza, who is the director of PREIT-tour conducted in-depth interviews with the actors of the community on November 23 in the framework of his pre-doctoral research on social action and tourism.

During the following days, the team will collect data in some communities of Azuay. Also, Viona and Freddy will continue working on their research in the Naranjal canton.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour

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