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PREIT-tour is positively evaluated

Great news for our research group, PREIT-tour! In a recent evaluation (period 2020-2022), our research group has been positively assessed in several key criteria.

According to the information presented by the Vice Rectorate for Research at the University of Cuenca, we excelled in academic events, receiving a high rating that demonstrates our strong commitment and ability to organize and participate in events relevant to the tourism sector. We also received a high rating in linkage, showcasing our effective connection and collaboration with other stakeholders in the tourism field. Additionally, our group reflects gender balance with a high rating in the percentage of men and women, promoting equality and diversity.

Our postgraduate teaching was positively evaluated, indicating a solid performance in training future tourism professionals. Regarding publications, we were rated at a medium level, which indicates that we are producing quality research.

These results reflect that the PREIT-tour research group remains committed to science and the community. Therefore, we have maintained our status as a consolidated group and are in a strong position to continue contributing significantly to the sustainable development of local tourism.

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