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PREIT-tour strengthens its cooperation networks at the Red Crab Festival

This weekend the PREIT-tour team participated in the Red Crab Festival and took the opportunity to strengthen their networks with the communities of Naranjal.

First, they visited the Nuevo Porvenir community, which offers guided tours through the mangroves of the Gulf of Guayaquil. They have combined bird watching with crab collecting demonstrations and local gastronomy.

Second, we have supported the collection of audiovisual material in the Shuar Tsuer Entsa community since they want to show their cultural and natural resources at an event on indigenous tourist communities in Mexico.

Finally, we toured the center of Naranjal, where the Red Crab Festival was held. The event focused on showing the process of crab harvesting by the crab collecting communities, and they also showed a wide diversity of gastronomic knowledge when preparing the crab. The event was accompanied by live music and welcomed many visitors from nearby provinces.

Photo credits: PREIT-tour

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