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The University of Cuenca certifies research groups of the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Last Monday, December 20th, the PREIT Tour team led by Karina Farfán, PhD, was accredited as a research group by the Vice-Rector of Research of the University of Cuenca. This recognition was granted to 64 groups that research different areas of knowledge at the University. PREIT-Tour is one of the two research groups of the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences that have been validated by the University of Cuenca.

Each research group was classified into 3 different categories, from the lowest to the highest rank: Seed, Intermediate and Consolidated. In this case, PREIT-Tour obtained the category of "Consolidated" group, with its research line "Local Development through Tourism". For its part, the second research group of the Faculty, with its research line "Tourism Indicators", reached the "Intermediate" category based on the university standards.

Currently, the PREIT-tour research group is in the final stage of the project, Fostering a platform for research-based education to support sustainable development through Tourism in the Cajas Massif Biosphere Area (CMBA), developed jointly with KU Leuven and the support of the VLIRUOS program. Also, they have started the development of the project Mental well-being based on nature-based tourism experiences in scholarship students of the universities of Cuenca and Azuay, which was the winner of the II contest of research-linkage projects of the University of Cuenca. This project is also being carried out jointly with the University of Azuay.

With these initiatives, the Vice-Rectorate for Research of the University of Cuenca is committed to promoting research in the different faculties, through the allocation of financial resources and annual evaluation of these groups. With this, it is hoped that the university's teachers and researchers will generate high-level knowledge that will contribute to science and society.

We wish our researchers and lecturers of the Faculty of Hospitality Sciences every success in their research activities.

Photo credits: University of Cuenca

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